We all want the same thing. To Be Happy.

We do everything to this end. (Who we marry, choosing a career, and choosing our friends.)

General definition of Happiness is fulfillment of desires. Therefore unhappiness can be NON- fulfillment of desires.

Philosophers have narrowed in on 4 levels of Happiness.

Which are you?

I’m sharing this info because if we are stuck at one level, that fact that we know there are higher levels we can choose to move to a higher level.

If we are stuck at a level and don’t know how to get greater happiness we plateau. If we think “this is all ???” “ nothing matters”

This is all based from a book / YouTube videos by Father Spitzer. He studied 136 Doctors, philosophers, and psychologists and is reiterating his findings to us.

1st level is physical

Food, shelter, thirst

These things are very biological. They are simple desires.

We feel “happy” when we get an amazing meal. This desire is fulfilled with instant gratification however the effects are short lived. In an hour you are hungry again.

Children are born trying to fill these desires

Safety , food, comfort.

Children have an inner self. They believe they are the center of the universe, so much so that they think the sun is following them.

I believe there is a huge market for appealing to level 1 – commercials!! Advertising!!

Most of us move out of level 1 and into level 2.

70% of us are in level 2

Level 2- Ego/ comparative

This usually comes around in teenage years .

When we are hyper aware of our peers .


Who’s prettier?

Who’s smarter?

The comparative game begins.

We start to be aware that there is a bigger world ( the outer world). In this level , We feel the need to bring the outer world in our inner world to dominate it.

As we become adults we often default to this level.

Who is more powerful?

Who is more successful?

Who is more important?

This level we feel “happy” when we get promotions or awards. We are striving for superiority.

We don’t mind sacrificing level 1 desires for level 2 happiness. Example- Sacrifice sleep to get a good score on test.

When we are at this level , we are very jealous. “Oh well you are very successful but you are so unattractive. You are so attractive but a jerk. “ We feel the need to bring down the other person that is threatening your status or even bring down inferiors in their small successes.

When this level becomes your dominant level. You become very negative.

You can’t help it .

You always feel judged, or jealous. Then when you have everything you could want, prestige, talent, beauty, you feel overwhelmingly… empty. No what ? You also want the accolades from others to keep coming. When they stop or you make a mistake, you feel like a failure. Why? Because you have based everything on this or that thinking this is what you desire. It’s yours, now what??

Perhaps your don’t know there are 2 more levels of Happiness?

Perhaps there is a social engine that dominates every hour of your day, throwing you back into level 2 over and over and over again…(social media)

Fear not!

You can get out of this !

Have you asked yourself these questions?

Why are some people happy and unhappy at the same time?

Why do teenagers who have great potential have suicidal feelings?

Why are some of the most beautiful and talented people seem to be so cynical?

Why do we sometimes we move from a sense of superiority to a feeling of inferiority in the course of just a few minutes?

Why do some people get a promotion, new car, and esteem of others and yet feel profound loneliness?

Upcoming posts:

Level 3 and 4

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