I love Beauty, decorating and organizing!

I love taking junk and making it beautiful!

For a year or two i have been on Instagram following designers. Honestly, i have found it very inspiring!!!

If their post ever made me feel negative for any reason i would delete the account.

Now I’m at a creative point that i think i can let go of instagram…

I bought some new couches and this is my radical prayer…

“God, fill me with feelings of love and beauty from my house. Even if no one likes it, better for my soul and pride if no one likes it! Lord i ask that no one like my living room, but that i absolutely love it! Fill me with contentment in the cozy beautiful home i have designed”

What freedom?

Content with my home and the beauty around me!

No more searching, no more inspiration.

I’m inspired by the blessing of God. Women have the ability to make all things beautiful!

A vase of flowers, a dinner plate, a photo album, a baby’s room, an organized refrigerator, a well kept patio, well groomed children, flowerbeds, a Christmas tree.

I will probably get off of Instagram until after Christmas.

Contentment is a good antidote for pride. Thank you God for humbling me.

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