Starting Traditions that They will Never Forget

How do you start a tradition?

You just do it. Then repeat. Then repeat. BAM . tradition.

Your kids will always remember you put French fries on their ice cream, or played the final countdown on Sat morning. These small things , if repeated will stick in their memories and make them feel loved and special!

We have this small tradition that we have done about 6 times and now this is the norm:

Friday nights: movie night

Saturday night : all kids sleep in tents in the playroom.

It’s so simple! And when i think i don’t feel like taking out tents… i do it anyway. Lol

I would love ❤️💕 some traditions for Brandon and i? Something that is “what we do.”

But i guess that’s the point, sometimes you have to sincerely think about these things. How to make someone feel like they belong. Help make them feel at home.

No Celebrating at our Celebrations?

Have we forgotten how to celebrate??

I think perhaps we have.

Birthdays are another thing on the to do list.

Anniversaries just pass us by.

Mother’s Day , July 4th, Vday , graduations are just menu changes and time to spend money.

Do y’all agree ?? Are holidays morphing together?

I’m reading book that inspired me to change that. I’m thinking it may take a few holidays but i think it will add so much to our celebrations.

The basic structure can be changed to fit any celebration.

• First a few words from the person being celebrated. Example Birthday child , anniversary couple, graduate etc.

• A few words from people about the celebrated person. Fathers Day: funny stories about Dad. Birthday Grandmother: fun or loving stories about Grandma Ect ,or a graduate: everyone say their hopes for the graduate.

• Presentation of the gifts: this is when each person can give their gift and maybe explain it.

• Blessing: If you are comfortable have the father or grandfather say a special blessing for the celebrated person. My dad said a prayer over the moms yesterday. The parents can maybe say a blessing or prayer for the graduate or the birthday person.

• Lastly, a scripture verse that has to do with the event. Maybe printed and everyone there can sign it for the person to keep!

What a deeper way to celebrate these events!

We live in soooo much abundance!! It’s hard to tell what is a feast! As we practice simplifying things and living with purpose we can develop richer relationships and memories.

Let God Handle Your Insurance Woes

I was recently reminded of this story. About 4 years ago we had our 5th child. My husbands work knew we had the child but we didn’t call the insurance. We also thought we had 60 days but we only had 30 days. So basically, we missed the deadline.

She was born June 3rd. The insurance says she is not covered and we would have to pay for cobra for her ($1200/ month ) until the next open enrollment. She also had a cold that we were concerned was RSV…

The hospital bills from her birth start rolling in and she has no insurance coverage!

I was kinda freaking out! Thinking this mistake could financially ruin us.

I almost audibly heard God say, “Tell NO One!”

“Don’t tell your mom, or your best friend”

“This will be part of the Cross, to suffer in silence, I will be your only comfort”

So i didn’t. Everytime i would freak out on the inside i would say “God, you deal with it”

I never called the insurance.

I never told anyone.

Guess what happened?

The next week, the insurance called …

All was fixed. They backdated it. She was covered.

God wanted to win that for me. Not my own efforts!

Looking Forward to a Painful Event

Most of us will never be called to be martyrs. We will probably not be imprisoned for going to Mass.

But there are a few times in life that we can embrace the upcoming pain and anxieties and unite them to the Cross.

Its the most real way you can pray for those you love! It’s also a fast track to miracles.

This is how Jesus chose to save us, the Cross.

Examples of 2018 torture and persecution:

⁃ childbirth

⁃ Wisdom teeth

⁃ Cancer treatments

⁃ Migraines

⁃ Losing a job

⁃ Being humiliated

Examples of ways to unite them to the Cross.

-“Jesus, i unite the upcoming pain of my surgery with your pain on the Cross, i ask that you take my sufferings and save the marriage of my friend.”

-“Jesus, i am having shoulder surgery, I ask that you take this humiliation and cure my moms cancer”

I have to get my wisdom teeth out next week. ( I’m 32, and my tooth is getting infected)

I’m kinda looking forward to having a painful event before my Godchild’s big leg surgery. I can unite the pain and ask God to take my small offering to cure my Godchild.

I was hesitant to share this prayer and suffering, but i think it’s important to let people know how to lay down your life in this modern world.

Look forward to the Cross! It can save your marriage, or free someone from addiction.

Purging: Great for the Soul

I have had a lot of confirmations about purging lately. This one really hit home.

I’m reading this extremely old book about child-rearing , and forming habits in children. It kinda reminds me of Jane Austen Era. In this book they discuss how you should get rid of all broken, stained or ruined toys. The book says when children realize that things are gone once they won’t “do” anymore, they take better care of the items.

It also says we wouldn’t dare use a smudge and dirty spoon, so why use soiled and dirty toys.

I don’t know why this struck a cord with me, but i looked at my boys room and realized it was a disgrace to play in it.

So i basically got rid of everything i could see that was tossed around, stained , broken.

Almost immediately, it felt right. The Christian part of me says save things, don’t waste…. (it also says that about food.)

But there is this quiet voice that says. Bologna!

This is junk. This junk is taking up precious space in your mind and your kid’s mind when it could be filled with Holy things!

There was a kids show that illustrated this way.

⁃ The nun is getting all new school supplies sent to her. But she must first clear out the desk. Clutter has set in. Random objects have accumulated. She has no room for the new things to fill it.

Just like our souls . We must purge it of the endless clutter and anxiety !!! So that we can make room for the things God wants to fill us with.

So pick a room , grab a garbage bag and be ruthless!! Purge the random, accumulation of stuff. Try to fill the bag as fast as you can then get rid of it.

I have found one of the biggest obstacles to clarity of mind and home is the “maybe” pile.

It’s not really hurting anyone to keep…

But that’s the thing , it’s not helping anyone either. It taking up extremely precious real estate. Real Estate in the brain and in the physical world .

Most Expensive Date Ever!

Most Expensive QT Ever

So I’m in the Emergency room with my child 2 nights in a row … i see the young mom in front of me and this baby on her shoulder. I sat behind her for hours and i didn’t see her look at the baby. She kissed the baby a few times but she didn’t look at her.

I did see her play 3 different games on her phone for hours.

( she maybe super attentive at other times i really have no idea) ( i am also so guilty of this !)


All i kept thinking was “Omigoodness does everyone see how GORGEOUS this baby is??? Like really beautiful baby, and how her phone was NO comparison “

Not.even. Close.

But why do we rather look at a screen than people. People are so real looking , intricate, squirmy, warm looking. A screen aesthetically is nothing compared to it.

It really made me aware of how often or how seldom i really look at the people around me.

How many times am i just carrying my baby like a purse and not looking at her.

How many times am i missing these GORGEOUS moments for my stupid phone?

Probably very often!

I like to use waiting rooms as QT with that particular child. My son that was sick wanted to watch something on my phone but it was about to die so we were forced to hang out. It was nice. He learned how to have a thumb war. He thought it was the most amazing thing to pee in a cup. I taught him not to point at people.

QT in the ER. Who knew?

Most EXPENSIVE mother/ son date yet. Lol

What is Happening in Mass??

The Holy Mass is the Highest form of religious worship there is!

The Mass goes through the life and death of Christ.

As you walk into church it’s as if you are walking up to watch the events of Jesus life and death unfold before your eyes.

You are about to witness and participate in the greatest sacrifice in all of history.

No human death was a greater sacrifice than the sacrifice of God for all humans.

As you walk into Mass , look ahead , and you will see the altar with the Crucifix above it. Picture yourself walking up to Mount Calvary, the mound that Jesus was crucified on.

The Priest represents Jesus . Picture Christ walking up to the Cross , up to Mount Calvary.

When the priest gets to the altar , he bows profoundly. Quietly, he offers the Mass to God the Father. The Priest is preparing for what’s about to happen; just as Jesus was preparing and praying in the Garden Of Gethsemane.

The Priest kisses the altar as a symbol of the treacherous kiss of Judas.

The first half of the Mass is called the Liturgy of the Word. The readers go from podium to podium and this reminds us of Jesus being brought from the high Priest to Herod and then back to Pilate.

The Priest is wearing bright colored garments just as Jesus wore a scarlet garment on the day of His Crucifixion.

Under the priests outer clothes are strings that wrap his waist. This represents the ropes that tied and dragged him through Jerusalem.

Imagine the priest walking up to Mount Calvary for the sacrifice.

Every detail of the Mass is significant! Nothing is done randomly…

At one part we sing the Gloria Excelsis which is the same song sung by angels at the birth of Jesus.

During the Nicene Creed we bow our heads and thank God for becoming Man.

The second part of the Mass is called the Liturgy of the Eucharist. This is when the priest will say the words that Jesus spoke at the Last supper. Ordinary bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ.

The Priest says “Lift up your Hearts”

And we say “we lift them up to the Lord”

This means banish all earthly thoughts , focus on the altar.

We watch the Priest do the consecration just like the disciples watched Jesus at the last supper. He says “This is my Body”

He says every word that Jesus says.

When we hear the bells ring 3 times this is a warning to everyone, Jesus Christ is Present on the Altar.

The Chalice represents the tomb that held the Body of Christ ,

The white napkins represent the clothes that they wrapped Jesus body in.

We should Adore Jesus as the priest holds up the Eucharist.

Then we receive Jesus in the body and blood. This is so important. Jesus has presented himself in such a humble way.

We receive the Blessing of the Priest and we leave there renewed. We are charged with sharing these graces with all that we com in contact with.

I Can’t Focus

Obligation is a form of love.

So it has been occurring to me that i need to pray even though i do not feel like it!

In some ways my spiritual life has grown in practicing the Presence of God, but my daily prayer routine is lacking. Mostly since i had the baby.

There is always so many things “i need to do real quick”

I may sit to read the readings of the day and before i know it…

⁃ i checked an email

⁃ I bought a First Communion Gift

⁃ I added something to my grocery list

⁃ I texted 3 people ( including my husband who is in the other room so i don’t forget)

⁃ I looked up what days the DMV is open

All the while thinking, i will do this real quick and then get back to the reading.

No way , our brains don’t work that way. I can’t effectively switch, switch, switch.

I guess it puts the Bible reading and prayer on the same level of importance as check the weather for Saturday, or make a meal with that chicken in the freezer.

But it’s infinitely more important. All else will fall into place when our spiritual life is in tact. everything will start to spin when our spiritual life isn’t where it should be.

If I’m honest with myself , it boils down to my phone. I can run a hundred errands from my phone. I will have to go back to a paper Bible.

  • i will begin again where Mathew Kelly suggests: Reading the book of Mathew from Beginning to end( not in one day).
  • Plus I’m 32 so i guess it’s time to learn some of the books of the Bible.
  • I will go back to saying one decade of the Rosary at lunch.
  • The Chaplet at 3:00 pm.

Is Worrying the Same as Caring?

I started writing this post a few weeks ago … and then I just read a confirmation.

I have 2 very close friends going through deaths. I feel for them. I want to support them. But to a certain degree I wasn’t sure how to help or what to say.

I often wonder because if something happens , I have no instinct to cry.

I wonder “ Is something wrong with me? Or something wrong with my emotions? Am I not compassionate? Or compassionate enough?”

I started wondering if those that are distraught are more concerned or “love” more than me?

I haven’t been able to articulate this yet but I will try…

We are made for truth.

We are made for life after death. We are only passing through.

Our loved ones are not “ours” to keep. We are only blessed with them for a time.

God loves our loved ones infinitely more than we do.

The goal is eternal life.

Suffering brings great holiness.

These are truths.

A recent funeral I went to I couldn’t help but notice how calm and collected my family was grandparents, aunts , uncles and cousins . I even talked to my mom about it , and she said it’s because they all have faith. (Not that there wasn’t sadness and tears but it was not desperation)

When I was about 20 years old I was in Chicago on a trip and an acquaintance called me and sobbing crying told me that one of my good friends had died.

Instantly , I could picture my friend Nicole dancing and laughing in heaven. She was smiling and looked so happy. I went along with my Chicago trip as planned thinking of her and I could not make myself get sad. I kept seeing that vision of her.

( side note: I had always felt like Nicole was so misunderstood. She was absolutely gorgeous!! But the girl was so goofy. She was hyper and goofy. She often had problems with other girls in high school, because they didn’t understand her”

She also had a some really tough things in her home life.

I couldn’t help but be happy for her, that she finally could fully be herself. )

When I went to the funeral , I almost had to control myself from being too friendly because I didn’t want to seem cold for not crying.

As I walked up the line to see my friend, she looked really bad in the casket. Nothing like herself which oddly confirmed to me that it was NOT her.

When I walked up to say my respects her dad lit up and gave me a huge hug. He said “June, we could not find your number. We didn’t even know if you knew … I’m so glad you are here”

I told him”I have to tell you , when I found out all I kept seeing was Nicole smiling …. and such and such”

I didn’t know how he would respond to that , it’s kind of a weird thing to say to a father who lost his only daughter. Well , he smiled and hugged me and hugged me and thanked me several times.

I learned that day , grieving people need hope. They need people of faith to have confidence in their faith. Especially when they are not strong enough to do it themselves.

My dear beautiful friend Jessica once said this and it has always stuck with me. When she had her first miscarriage, she said her husband said “Well Jessica, if our goal is to get all our children to heaven we have a head start! One is already there”

Now I hope all of you remind me of these things if ever grief consumes me.

But I guess this is my message… some people handle death really well, they can remember their lost ones clearly. Faults and talents. They can talk about funny things and great memories and it’s a beautiful way to keep that persons memory alive.

Sometimes our extreme reaction to tragedy is our own fears.

We may feel as if “if this can happen , what will God ask of me?? Will he take everything from me as well?”

Even in tragedy we must trust Our God.

Not the fluffy or flowery idea of God but the intimate friend who knows us better than we do. And a God who was bloody , beaten and humiliated. He knows suffering and is so willing to join in our sufferings for the greater good of saving souls.

So how can we comfort those who are suffering.

Being calm.

Gently smiling.

Praying for their peace.

Fresh flowers.

Checking on them.

Remain confident and not despair.

Let me save you a trip to the doctor: (or 5)

Simplifying life includes promoting health and wellbeing right?

I know God wants me to simplify my meal plans and ingredients.

I have also found this in health area of my life.

Garlic Oil :

What can I cure with garlic oil within 1-3 hours?

Ear infection


Red streak infection

Ingrown toe nails

After several years of using raw or messy oils a friend of mine made the best suggestion:

Odorless Garlic Oil pills

$9 CVS

Buy a bottle. Research the above when you need it but i have first hand seen all of the above ailments cured within 1-3 hours.

It is nature’s antibiotic!

Garlic is antioxidant, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial and immune-boosting.

I can’t not share this information with you.

It’s too simple and perfect, My friends.